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Welcome to a fresh platform that provides online teaching career opportunities for freelance teachers. We help you connect with your students all across the world with a simple networking platform. Manage your lessons, assignments, and activities in our well-distributed dashboard. Manage your classes in effective ways to be the best teacher out there.


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Become a web development teacher and take the classes for the widest student base.

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Become a teaching assistant and work with the best professors on their training programs.

Education welfare officer

Inspect the teachers and their classes anytime you want and provide valuable feedback for students.


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4 SEO Tips that Really Work

We all know how SEO helps get your website to the top of Google search engine rankings. After all, that is where you would want to be if you want your brand to get noticed. Here are some SEO tips that really work:

Think of What Will Humans Think

Instead of writing for Google, think of what humans will think when they look at the article. When they get to read it, they will either like it or stay away from it. For your sake, you would want the former as that would benefit your brand a lot. Thus, better write content that makes a lot of sense. Also, it needs to benefit them in some way. How about putting yourself in the shoes of the reader? Will you be interested if you just read what you wrote down? There will be a lot of opinions with regards to that and not all of them would be great.

Look at Web Analytics Consistently

You are going to know how your website is doing in terms of SEO if you look at web analytics all the time. These would give you stats so you would know how you would improve your content. It would also show which age demographic you are strong in. Therefore, you will know what you need to write about in order to please them. Think about what you can please the other people too. You will even know what areas you are strong in so you will know why.

Encourage Trustworthy Sites to Give a Backlink to your Site

This is a lot easier than it sounds. After all, they would want something in return before they give you a backlink. Yes, bugging them all the time won’t help your cause as they can easily block you. It would be a splendid idea to offer them gift certificates or maybe even a one-time payment for the backlink. If they have huge traffic coming to their website each month, you know that is going to be pretty much worth it.

Remove Anything that Slows your Site

There will surely be a lot of things that will slow your website. You can ask a web designer about this and they will surely know. It would be a big sigh of relief when you find out that your website moves a lot faster. You can access your website yourself and find out if something is indeed slowing them down. There is no doubt word of mouth would go around regarding how fast your website is if that is indeed the case.

Now that you are familiar with SEO tips that really work, you must apply them immediately. Don’t forget to write unique meta descriptions for each one of your pages. You know you are going to get something unique from the visitors if you do that. They will definitely look at your website at a different way from the way they look at other websites. Better take time to think about that though.

4 Essentials for Being An Effective Online Teacher

4 Essentials for Being An Effective Online Teacher

Online classrooms are a successful example of new-age learning. The teachers can now connect with their students through online platforms to carry out class in similar manners. Which was earlier seen as a threat for effective learning is encourages by institutions and universities today. More teachers are supporting the idea of online teaching, which can connect the students to their teachers in the fastest way possible, with the internet. But there is a difference between effective teaching and taking an online correspondence course. An aspiring teacher needs to make sure some things go as planned in their online classes to reap better results from the program. Here are the essentials which will help teachers to make online teaching effective.

Nurture a combined effort

It is not difficult to get distracted for students when they are not bound to pay attention like in real classrooms. That is why the teacher should make an effort for encouraging the students to be attentive and productive in the online sessions. The students should realise the value of learning by helping each other and connecting with the teacher directly for any doubts. There should be discussion groups where people can discuss the problems that they are facing with the subject.

Engage the students with assignments

The assignments in the online classes do not work the same as regular assignments. They are a lot more open and diverse. The teachers can provide a lot of different tasks to students and ask them to create separate groups based on their tasks. This can include discussing the resources for learning, choosing topics for assignments, holding discussions on various topics, and more. This small tasks will keep the students engaged around their subjects. Teachers can also ask the students to rate their own assignments to keep things interesting.


Think before you deliver

If you are providing any written or vocal content to your students, make sure to double-check it before you put it for circulation. This will assure that the content is communicated well to the students. Any misinterpreted task of writing can create a lot of drama in the online classes. The best way to control quality is to focus on simple information, polite response, and clear concepts.

Ask for feedback

Make your students feel special by asking for their feedback on your classes. This will not only give them the excitement of evaluating your teaching skills, but it will also make the attend more of your classes while staying attentive throughout your session. Some of the things that you can take feedback are teaching methods, the pace of teaching, area of improvement. This will also inform you about the things that you can change in your teaching programs to lead a better class from next time.


How to Start SEO Work from Home?

How to Start SEO Work from Home?

If you have at least a vague idea about what the work related to SEO entails, the difficulty it holds can be understood. It can be quite frustrating in the initial stage, but once you are familiar with the functioning of the search engine optimization, you can get on track with it and build a great career. But those initial stages would be more complicated and daunting if you are planning to start working from home. Being at home is always an advantage, but that could add more pressure if you aren’t adept at the practice. When you want to work from home by being surrounded by all the comfort and make money to improve your living, you need to learn more about how it is done. Here are a few points to be noted that can turn out to be the avenues leading to your high efficiency at SEO.

1.      Deciding If You Want It or Not

This is one of the most important steps that you need to take before committing yourself into the profession. The decision of whether you want to do it or not matters the most. Contemplate over it for some time and then decide if you want to take up SEO as a profession. If your instinct tells you to do so, go for it; otherwise, back out when you have second thoughts. Passion must be driving force towards starting an SEO business, which if you lack, can affect the future of your company. Go with a ‘YES’ if you are very passionate about it and you think you can commit your time to it.


2.      Study About it

Although this is a fundamental step in familiarizing with SEO, it is practical applications that is key to achieving great feats. Read through a lot of informative articles and learn how to apply the information in your day-to-day work.

  • Basics

Learn the basic concepts of SEO and the factors that can set up a successful SEO campaign. The process involved in SEO is the ranking of a website on a search engine for a specific search containing certain terms or keywords. On-page optimization and off-page optimization are the two main factors that contribute to the site’s rank in search engines.

  • Keywords

These are the terms that are searched for by typing it out in search engine. You must know the technique to select the right keyword for each type of business.

  • On-Page Optimization

The things that can be manipulated within your site for higher rankings are the contents that matter in on-page optimization. Site speed, optimization of photos, and page titles are some of those factors that play a principal role in optimizing the page.

  • Off-Page Optimization

It is all about the things that aren’t a part of your site but helps in building a better rank. Link building helps in shooting up your rank in the search engine. More the number of high-quality links that point to your website more is the chance to improve your website’s ranking.

3.      Implementation

By having a site for your own, you can apply all that you have learned and see how well it gets optimized for search engines. Pick a niche you like and see if it is profitable and have clients to buy it. Or you can start with a blog and see how it works.

4.      Finding the Right Clients

Right Clients

Start finding clients once you are proficient with SEO. Go through some of the businesses that are functioning in your locality and check their website. Make a cold call or send a cold email asking if they need your help with online marketing. Keep trying until you get a “YES” from the clients.