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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is
It's a bulletin board designed to match teachers, 
administrators, support staff, etc. with schools.
 How does it work?
You can search for jobs by salary, location, and/or 
area of expertise.  When you find a position you like,
you can contact the school directly to apply.

You can submit your qualifications, which will be available 
for schools to inspect.  If a school wants to talk to
you, they can contact you directly.

Schools can list job openings and search for potential
candidates in the active candidates list.
 How much does it cost?

You pay nothing to look for jobs.
You pay nothing to submit your qualifications.
You pay nothing when you get a job.

Schools pay nothing to list their vacancies. Schools pay 
nothing to view the active candidates qualifications.
 Any costs, of any kind?
 What do we do when we fill our vacancy?
You can delete the job listing, or you can change it to another job. 
For example, if you fill a math teaching job and still have a social 
studies vacancy, you can rewrite the job for social studies.  
 When can jobs be listed?
 What's the geographical range of this system?
Technically, intergalactic.  Functionally, world-wide.
The system is up 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
 I'm a school.  How  do I know the candidate qualifications are current?
Candidates qualifications are shown in most-recent-first order.
In addition, all qualifications have a submission date, so you 
know how recent they are.
 Why should I put my qualifications on the system?  
    Can't I just look for jobs?
Yes, you can just look for jobs. However,  schools don't 
list all their jobs, and having your qualifications
available for them to see will ensure consideration
for all positions.

 How private are my qualifications?
You can see what you submit, schools can see it, and our systems 
programmers can see it.  That's all.  Your qualifications aren't
accessible to other people looking for jobs.

Also, we won't sell or give this information to anyone, 
for love or money.
 My qualifications look much better in my own format, rather in your form.  
    What can I do?
Under "Special Skills" you can include more information, 
including a link to another Web page.
 How can I get more information?
     We have 3 contact methods:
1. Email:
2. Phone: 301-801-1167
3. Postal Mail:
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11970 Grey Squirrel Lane
Reston, VA 20194